End-of-the-year Exhibition Speos Paris London 2015


May 12th & 13th from 5-9pm
6, 7, 8 rue Jules Vallès, 75011 Paris

May 7th from 5-9pm
Highgate Studios, Courtyard 1, 53 Highgate Road,
London NW5 1TL

Speos Paris London Photography School

30 years of photography training and still counting

Founded in 1985, Speos provides higher education photography training aimed at meeting the current market demands.
Next to professional recognition within the domain of photography, Speos is certified by the French government with the Titre de Photographe RNCP level I and 7 (a professional certification at Master’s level).
Our programs start in September and January.

Our commitment to our students

Courses at Speos are organized in small groups, hands-on with a lot of practice, and supervised by a team of highly qualified professionals.
Our facilities are spacious and equipped with the latest equipment.
The Speos Alumni Care program helps our graduates in their first professional steps.

Speos, an international school

With campuses in Paris and London, our student batches come from all over the world (up to 20 different nationalities per year), making studies at Speos a first class international experience.

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© Takayuki HANAFUSA

© Takayuki HANAFUSA

Fine Art

© Abheet GIDWANI

© Abheet GIDWANI