Alumni Testimonials

Read the testimonials of the Magnum & Spéos students – 2016-2017 Promotion (PDF)

Cihan Ünalan, Spéos 2011


Having a background in advertising, I thought I had a very clear understanding of what I wanted to do in terms of photography.

After just a few months into my education at Spéos, I began to realize how much more that I could do and how to do it in order to differentiate myself in my field.

With a very thorough education and so many wonderful memories, Spéos is a time of my life that I will always treasure.

Medina Dugger, Spéos 2010


Spéos was so much more than a photography school, it was a major life experience. It provided me the opportunity to develop and refine photographic skills in the dream setting of Paris alongside classmates and instructors from all over the world. Spéos is as valuable for the networking and contacts it provides as the photographic knowledge gained. I developed friendships and connections I know will last my lifetime and which have led me to very exciting places.

I am now a freelance photographer working for the African Artists’ Foundation in Lagos Nigeria, where I just assisted coordinating and curating the 2nd annual LagosPhoto Festival.

I give Spéos my highest recommendation to aspiring photographers. It is a once-in-a lifetime opportunity that exceeded my expectations in every way imaginable.

Cerise Doucède, Spéos 2010


After a Master’s in graphic design, I got interested in photography. To be able to work as quickly as possible, I was looking for a short and efficient program.

At Spéos I gained within a year a good technical level and a personal style, mainly through the courses in visual identity. The Expert Modules after the 32-week Program allowed me to further develop my personal project. With these essential skills, which allowed me to start working professionally, I managed to reach my main objective.

The school later introduced me to the competition of the Royal Monceau, which was a perfect match for my recent photographic work. Having won the first prize is a milestone for me, which was followed by the prestigious Prix HSBC won in 2013.