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Each year, as part of the lecture series, during the juries and the Expert Modules, Speos invites numerous lecturers who count among the main protagonists of the market, as well as former students who have become renowned professionals.

We wish to thank for their presence during the academic year 2017-2018:

Valentin Abad
Director, Akatre Creative Studio

Céline Anaya Gautier

Olivia Arthur
Photographer, Magnum Photos

Jane Evelyn Atwood

Christophe Audebert
Photographer, Writer, Spéos Alumni

Pablo Bartholomew

Martín Barzilaï

Marc Beaussart
Still Life photographer, Spéos Alumni

Dimitri Beck
Editor-in-chief, Polka Magazine

Hélène Binet
Architectural Photographer

Olivier Bourgoin
Révélateur Agency

Eric Bouvet
Photographer, Paris Match

Joe Bunni

Sara Byström

Yann Cainjo
Photographer, Spéos Alumni

Florence Camprasse
Photo Agent, Askouragents

Alvaro Canovas
Photographer, Paris Match

Valérie Cazin
Director, Galerie Binôme

Eileen Cho
Photographer, Spéos Alumni

Céline Clanet

Cécilia Colussi
Photographer, Spéos Alumni

Rémi Cortin

Catherine Cukierman
Photographer Agent, Askouragents

Isabelle de Lagasnerie
Head of Photo Department, La Croix

Erica Dezonne
Freelance Photographer, Spéos Alumni

Nigel Dickinson

Claudine Doury
Photographer, Agence VU’

Bill DuBois
Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)

Fabrice Dunou
Photographer, Spéos Alumni

Edward Earle
Curator, International Center for Photography (ICP)

Marielle Elis
Producer, La Belle Façon Talents

Wilfrid Esteve
Director, Hans Lucas

Pierre Faure
Photographer, Hans Lucas

Pierre Fernandez
Multimedia Content Manager, Agence France Presse (AFP)

Didier Fèvre
Sports Photographer

Mélanie-Jane Frey

Vincent Gapaillard
Still-life Photographer

Mary George

Sabine Guédamour
Esther Woerdehoff Gallery

Pauline Guyon

Mat Hayward
Contributor relation team, Adobe Stock

François Hébel

Elisabeth Hoiberg
Responsible for relations with photographers, Alamy Stock

Ian Holmes
Wedding Photographer

Claudia Huidobro
Visual artist

Dominique Issermann
Fashion Photographer

Masamichi Kagaya
Photographer, Spéos Alumni

Mine Kasapoglu
Photographer, Spéos Alumni

Kathleen Kelly
Filmmaker, Consultant and Collaborator, Documentaries, Spéos Alumni

Alexandra King
Contribution Relations Executive, Alamy Stock

Anne Kuhn

Jean-Guilhem Lamberti
Art Director

Florianne de Lassée

Sylvaine Lecoeur
Commercial Director, Pixtrakk

Arnaud Lévènes
Manager of « La Capsule » Photo Residency

Molly Lowe-Corvaisier
Fashion Photographer

Souad Mechta
Photo Editor

Alex Michanol
Producer, Paris Media Pro

Florence Moll
Photographer Agent

Justine Montmarché
L’Atelier des Petits Photographes

Sophie Nicholson
Social Media Manager, Agence France Presse (AFP)

Philippe Petit
Photographer, Paris Match

Julie Poncet

Elise Prudhomme
Photographer, Spéos Alumni

Marc Prüst
Photography consultant and Curator

Marie Queau

Christine Raffray
Accountant, Tax Advisor

Christian Reuilly
Art Director

Henerico Rossi
Fashion Photographer, Spéos Alumni

Pascal Rostain
Paparazzo, Paris Match

Paolo Roversi
Fashion Photographer

Rémi Salva
Photographer, Spéos Alumni

Eric Sander

Paul Sanders
Photographer, Ex-Times and Reuters

Cécile Schall
Founder and Director, Fotofever

Philippe Schlienger

Pia Schneider
Art Buyer

John Schults
Head of Photo Department France, Reuters

Karen Seror
Marketing Manager, Adobe Stock

Didier Tcherkachine
CEO Argo & Siloe

Ambroise Tezenas

Pascale Thiébot

Ivane Thieullent
VOZ Gallery

Eric Travers
Photographer, Spéos Alumni

Cihan Unalan
Photographer, Spéos Alumni

Christian Van Hanja
Photographer, Film Director, Spéos Alumni

Véronique de Viguerie
Photographer, Photo-reporter

Simon Webb
Celebrity photographer

Dave Wheels
Head of operations, Barcroft Media

Matt Wreford
Photographer, Retoucher

Patrick Zachmann
Photographer, Magnum Photos

Claudia Zels
Photo Editor

Azadeh Zoraghi
Director, Narcisse Magazine

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