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Each year, as part of the lecture series, during the juries and the Expert Modules, Speos invites numerous lecturers who count among the main protagonists of the market, as well as former students who have become renowned professionals.

We wish to thank for their presence during the academic year 2016-2017:

Iranian Photographer, member of Magnum Photos.

Nohémy Adrian
Art director, Editions Denoël.

Patrick Artinian
French freelance photographer represented by Contact Press Images.

Jane-Evelyn Atwood
American documentary photographer, represented by VU’ Agency.

David Balicki
Freelance portrait photographer.

Marc Beaussart
Still life photographer.

Sophie Bernard

Samuel Bollendorff
French photojournalist and web documentaries director.

Caroline Brault
Photo Editor.

Martin Barzilai

Joe Bunni
Underwater photographer.

Sara Byström

Armelle Canitrot
Head of Photo Department for French daily newspaper La Croix.

Erina Cavalli 
Fashion stylist.

Pascal Clément
Photo Editor,  Jalou Publishing.

Maral Deghati
Editor, curator, producer and consultant.

Denis Delbecq

Claudine Doury

Antoine Doyen

Fabrice Dunou
Studio photographer.

Thomas Dworzak
Photographer, member of Magnum Photos.

Edward Earle
Curator, International Center of Photography (ICP).

Joseph J. Ferretti Jr

Stuart Franklin
Photographer, member of Magnum Photos.

Mélanie Frey
Freelance photographer, member of Reservoir Photo.

Vincent Gapaillard
Still life photographer for luxury brands.

Eric Gidel
Public accountant, Comptarévise.

Harry Gruyaert
Photographer, member of Magnum Photos.

Roman Härer
Creative director at Plainpicture agency.

Nicolas Héron
Picture editor for Elle International.

Ian Holmes
Wedding photographer.

Richard Kalvar
Photographer, member of Magnum Photos.

Alain Keler
Photographer, member of MYOP Agency.

Samuel Kirszenbaum

Nicolas Khayat
Freelance photographer.

Marie Lelièvre
Picture editor for French daily newspaper Le Monde.

Philippe Lissac
Photographer and founder of Godong photo agency.

Emile Luider

Gaëlle Magder

Souad Mechta
Freelance photo editor.

Rossana Mendes Fonseca

Alex Michanol
Photo producer.

Anna Muller 

Clara Mill 

Frédéric Reglain
Freelance photographer.

Lise Sarfati

Philippe Schlienger
Studio photographer.

Matt Stuart
Photographer, member of Magnum Photos.

Marie-Pierre Subtil
Editor of the french publication 6 Mois.

Madé Taounza
Photo Agent at Eyemade.

Ambroise Tézenas

Pascale Thiébot
Digital photo retoucher.

Pascale Vincent Marquis

Davide Weber 

Patrick Zachmann
Photographer, member of Magnum Photos.

Claudia Zels
Photo Editor, President of ANI – the French association for photo buyers.


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