Spacious facilities

Since its creation in 1985, Spéos has always had a remarkable equipment–space–student ratio, allowing the students to hone their skills under ideal conditions and favoring a maximum of practice time, essential element of the learning. The school offers 18 studio sets at Spéos Paris and 3 studio sets at Spéos London.

In 2017, the school also expanded considerably with the creation of Spéos L’Annexe, a vast new space located at 5 rue Bouvier in the 11th arrondissement (formerly Rainbow Color Photo Lab), right next to the historic headquarters of the school, rue Jules Vallès.

Top equipment

Students have access to Spéos’ modern, up-to-date and high-quality equipment inside and outside of the school (Phase One cameras, Foba, top-notch flashes). They learn about the different types of essential equipment and tools for a photographer and learn to use the 4×5 format camera. Both campuses are equipped with Apple computers, Eizo calibrated screens, projectors, studio lights and equipment and a large selection of props to help stylize each photo-shoot.

Equipment is available for students to practice with outside of school hours such as portable flash kits. Students have access to the studio and equipment throughout the year for independent work.

Speos Team

Our courses are taught by Paris- and London-based professional photographers and artists acclaimed in their fields.

Speos team