Professional Photography

Two-year program

The Professional Photography Program is designed for students who wish to pursue a career in studio photography.

Next session: September 18, 2017– May 17, 2019
Campus: Paris or London
Language of instruction: French, English (subject to a minimum of participants)
Tuition: € 8,250  per year

First year – September-May (semesters 1 and 2)

During the first year, the training aims at covering the essentials of today’s photography practice:
– acquisition of essential shooting techniques for both photojournalism and studio,
– image management and publication,
– basics of retouching and digital printing,
– style and composition within the studio,
– contemporary photography: visiting exhibitions in galleries and museums,
– English conversation for basic / independent users.
– development of first personal project.

Second year – September-May (semesters 3 and 4)

During the second year, the students encounter more complex subject matters, leading them to a professional level:
– in-depth studio practice covering the most common topics,
– image composition — developing a personal visual identity,
– online publications — setting up a professional website,
– advanced shooting techniques: a-z organization of studio sets, post-production, digital printing,
– English for professional photographers,
– development of second personal project.


Studio 1-4
Computer Imaging 1-4
Image Management and Publication 1-4
English 1-4
How to use a Digital Camera 1
Photojournalism 1-4
History of Photography - Museums and galleries 1-4
Visual Identity 3 and 4
Printing Techniques 3 and 4
Business 1-4