I stumbled upon my passion for fine art photography by accident. An accident that made me impatient to start shooting with as much competence as possible.
Spéos, with its intensive master program taught by highly skilled lecturers in the very epicenter of photography – Paris – was exactly what I was looking for.

At Spéos I saw the light! And realized that it’s everything to me. Getting to play around with light at the school’s studios made me understand how light actually works. A competence I brought outside, to the natural light, which ended up to be a signature in my work.

My time at Spéos changed the direction of my life and gave me the skills to express my art. Even more, it made me realize what my passion is all about: sharing true, beautiful moments is my way of contributing to the world. And I get to play and have fun while doing so!

For those curious to attend Spéos, I’ll say you’ll come a long way with passion alone. Even a rookie can learn all the basics from the passionate lectures. And off course, France is where the first photo was shot – so where else would you go to learn to about photography?