Exhibitions at Spéos Gallery

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In 2009, for its 25th anniversary (the school has existed since January 1985), Spéos has opened its own Gallery. It is reserved to its alumni and staff members, past to present.

Current exhibition

Thalassa Raasch, “In Over My Head”

Thalassa Raasch will present “In Over My Head” at the Spéos Gallery, 7 rue Jules Vallès,
75011 Paris, from January 7th to […]

Next exhibition

Céline Travers, “Flow”

Céline Travers will present “Flow” at the Spéos Gallery, 7 rue Jules Vallès 75011 Paris, from February 12th to […]

Past exhibitions

Tari Beroszi, “PERSONA”

Ksenia Usacheva, “Un goût de Contemplation”

Roberto Aguilar, “Habana: Cuba and the Special Period”

Nicolas Héron, « Obscure Clarté / Origines & Oxymores »

Envela Castel, “Long Live the Fallen World”

Sapna Khan, “In the land of the lost river”

Masamichi Kagaya, “Autoradiograph – Works of Nuclear God – ”

Mine Kasapoglu Puhrer, “PEAK /\ APEX”.

Tang DeSheng Exhibition Opening: watch the video

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Photographies des exposants de la galerie Speos